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MLD is a great, non-invasive, and relaxing therapy that can be performed after surgery.  It is a gentle technique that does not disrupt the skin tissue around the surgical sites.

MLD can improve the healing environment of the tissue allowing for a faster recovery.

MLD helps to remove waste from the body by helping to move the lymph fluid to the proper drainage areas.


  • To reduce swelling which will reduce the tension and pain

  • Helps to remove waste materials from the surgical area

  • Circulates white blood cells to improve the healing process

  • Improves wellbeing and promotes relaxation

  • Reduce pain

What to Expect

Each therapy varies depending on each individual.

Doctor’s Referral - Not required.  Highly recommended, the more we know about your procedure we can provide a customized MLD therapy plan.

Initial Assessment, a thorough health history will be taken, assessments of surgical sites, a review of how your lymphatic system works, and therapy plan. We recommend 3 -4 visits. 2 per week or 1 per week.

Therapy sessions, 90-100 minutes are reserved to allow enough time to remove/put on garments, bathroom breaks, and/or incidental which may arise. Therapy may last 60-80 minutes. MLD protocols will be followed with each session.  We highly recommend you wear your compression garment after each session and order a smaller one in advance because you will see results immediately.

Maintenance Phase, Make healthy choices, a healthy diet is important.   Exercise once cleared from your surgeon along with proper skin care.  One should continue bi-monthly or monthly MLD sessions for a year to prevent the possibility of fibrosis evolving or seroma.  

Plan ahead book your sessions today!

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