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Sports Massage Therapy

Geared towards athletes who train continuously with goals to enhance endurance, lessen chances of injury and shorten time needed for recover. Therapy may utilize a varied technique such as classical Swedish, PNF stretching, trigger point therapy, skin scrapping, and cold stones.

Sports massage therapy may be used with stretching in order to help loosen, warm and prepare muscles so that performance and endurance may be enhanced.

Following an athletic event, therapy may be used to relieve pain, prevent stiffness, & return the muscles back to their normal state.


Sports massage therapy can extend the life of your athletic career.


*    Reduction of adhesions, muscle spasms, cramps, and triggers points              

*    Improved ROM & tissue flexibility              

*    Reduced edema & pain              

*    Improved overall muscle balance 

$160.00  Pre/Post Sports Therapy

 (80 minutes of therapy/90 minutes reserved)

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