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Massage District strives to use the highest quality products. Sessions may begin with Young Living therapeutic grade oils, great for relaxing and winding down.


Paraben-Free Biotone® products are used, Muscle & Joint therapeutic crème and Dual-Purpose Massage crème.


The benefits of Muscle & Joint therapeutic crème, reduce inflammation offering muscle ad and joint recovery. Ingredients such as glucosamine, which supports healthy tissue and joints. Boswellia & Devils Claw to help promote joint wellness.


Dual-Purpose Massage crème combines Almond Oil, Arnica Extract, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin E, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Arnica extract helps stimulate circulation and ease bruises.


Creams leave a non-greasy feeling on hands, face, feet and back with limited to no odor.


Please advise of any allegeric reactions

During your first visit, we will review your intake form together and review your goals.


Followed by a postural assessment,  explain a therapy plan, and review protocols to help alleviate your pain.  


Soft tissue mobilization provided by hands, percussion/vibration tool. electric magnetic stimulation or soft tissue mobilization tools are part of our practice. 


Soft tissue can be skin, fascia, superficial or deep muscles. 


Since we provide a variety of massage disciplines that address a great number of conditions brought on by disease, physical trauma, and/or psychological conditions we ask that you communicate openly with us regarding your current health conditions for your safety.


Services Offered 

  • Medical Massage

    • Cervical Region

      • head, neck, shoulders, arms & hands

    • Thoracic Region

      • chest, back & under the arms

    • Lumbar Region

      • lower abdomen, lateral & anterior of thighs & legs

    • Sacral Region

      • posterior & lateral sides of lower legs excludes pelvic floor

  • Manual lymphatic drainage Therapy


  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Massage for Minors

  • Pre-natal

  • Pre/Post Sports Therapy

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