Rebecca W.  is a Medical Massage Practitioner, Massage Therapy Instructor, and Continuing Education Unit Provider. Her focus is on Medical Massage and CranioSacral Therapies.  The majority of her practice consists of stress management and reduction of inflammation on the body system.  Each of her sessions is unique and tailored to your individual needs using a combination of methods.  A priority in her practice is to bring the quality of life back to individuals with Central Nervous Disorder.  Rebecca has years of experience working with individuals with Lou Gehrig's disease,  Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Lupus, Bell's Palsy  Epilepsy, Lymphedema, and  Lipedema. She believes in continuing her education and sharing her knowledge with others. 



1997  Jefferson International, Guayaquil Ecuador Business Administration

2006 Texas Massage Institute       2009 KeKino Massage Academy & Institute of Healing        2010 Sterling Health Center

2013 Certified Medical Massage Practitioner Pura Vida Costa Rica

Upledger Institute -  CranioSacral Therapy I & II, SomatoEmotional Release I & II

Academy of Lymphatic Studies - Complete decongestive manual lymphatic drainage therapy & bandaging,

Eric Dalton - Myoskeletal alignment techniques. 

Dr. Dan Herlihy - Osteopathic assessment, CranioSacral Therapy, Ligament articular strain.  Techniques by Sutherland D.O

Jerome Kennedy - Sports Massage Therapy,   Myofascial Release Techniques, Neuromuscular Techniques by Chaitow  ND, DO

Independent Contractors 

Salina H. graduated with honors from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2007.  She has a wide variety of expertise in massage modalities which includes, Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Emotional Release through the Upledger Institute where she also has been hand-selected as a TA. This education allows her to individualize every session ranging from Myofascial Release to stress relief to releasing restrictions in the Craniosacral system.  She has also continued her education in Pre-Natal,  Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Injury, and Sports massage.  Her varied education and vast experience has given her the opportunity to aid individuals in many ways.

Kassidy L. specializes in John Barnes Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and scar treatment. Each session Kassidy assesses the myofascial system and works to release adhesion's that form due to inflammation and injury. The result is an increased range of motion throughout the body, reduced inflammation, and an increase in the parasympathetic nervous system(rest and repair part of the nervous system). Kassidy "listens" to the body to determine the pressure and the body responds by allowing the release to occur naturally without unnecessary pain and discomfort. 
- Sterling School of Massage
- John Barnes myofascial release 1 & 2 
- John Barnes approach to Cranial Sacral
- John Barnes fascia pelvis 
- Rock tape
- Rock Blades
- Amino Neuro Frequency Pain Therapist