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Update May 27, 2021

Massage District will resume full-time hours starting June 2, 2021. We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you soon!

We have added 2 new massage practitioners. Sheri Smith & Basu Sharma. Sheri is an expert manual lymphatic drainage specialist with a successful track record of helping individuals with post-surgical procedures such as BBL, tummy tucks, and breast enhancements to name a few. Basu is a master sound healer, aiding in stress reduction addressing stress and anxiety on the body and mind. Both individuals have over 10 years of experience and can help with headaches, muscle aches, and strains.

Our practice will ensure that each therapy room is properly cleaned and sanitized.


The steps we are taking on are for your safety and office staff. If there is something we've learned during this pandemic is that we are all in this together and by following these new protocols we are collectively taking care of you and us.


New Cleaning Technologies- We will be using UV Light sterilizers for each room and Sterilizing Robot UVC Light on our therapy tables after each session. The bathroom light, faucet, and soap dispenser in the restroom is a motion sensor and we are in the process of moving to a new paperless software system and will be using tablets for intake forms and detailed progress reports. 

New Cleaning Regimen Changes - After each session, we will be cleaning and sanitizing each therapy room, bathroom, and waiting area. No therapy room will be used consecutively, UV Light sterilization time is 30 minutes, therapy rooms will be in rotation.  

New Regimens - We will be wearing PPE as needed. You will have the option to wait in your car for your appointment, we now have 2 patio chairs in front of the office or you may choose to wait inside. When in the general area we ask that you please wear a mask in the waiting area or hall wall. There is also a motion sensor hand sanitizer in the waiting area for you to use.   For now, we will refrain from shaking hands and ask for non-contact payment.  We ask that you bring your own mask if not we will provide one for you to keep.

Ongoing training - We will be continuing ongoing training with OSHA and COVID-19  standards along with Human trafficking training. 

I would like to thank you in advance for your loyalty and patience during these unusual times we are in.

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