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Certified Personal Trainer at Physiofit






Biography and Training Specialty

The key to a better quality of life is moving well and being strong. After establishing these qualities, all other fitness goal become easily attainable. Any goal - fat loss, bodybuilding, or athletics - starts with quality movement and strength. Not everyone can be an athlete. EVERYONE can be more athletic.

I played Division 1 baseball at West Chester University. I studied athletic training and coached baseball at Delaware State University. Through these experiences I learned how important movement quality is not just athletics but everyday quality of life. Add strength to proper movement, and you will be on your way to any fitness goal.

What I have learned over the last 17 years of personal training is that most people get much better IN the gym but that does not translate to OUTSIDE the gym. What good is dead lifting 500 pounds, if you hurt every time you run around with your kids?

Becoming pain free, moving better, and getting stronger, in that order, are the components required for attaining all of your fitness goals. Don't use "getting older" as excuse for not getting in the shape that you want. I strive to make sure that you not only feel good at the end of the workout, but also better and stronger in everyday life.


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CPT Trainer 

17610 Midway Rd, Suite 128, Dallas TX 75287

by Trinity Mills & Dallas NTW (15 minutes away from Massage District) 

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