Services & Rates

Our goal is to cause multiple positive changes and release tension within the fascia & muscle by increase blood, manage scar tissue and stimulate the production of endorphins.


January 3, 2018

$100 Introductory Rate

15-minute assessment/60-minute massage therapy

90 minute reserved time

Assessment & review of goals will take place/non-medical massage therapy


Massage Therapy


Manipulation of superficial and deep muscle layers using a combination of massage techniques. They improve muscle function, aid in muscle healing, prevent injuries, enhance athletic performance, increase circulation, improve posture, reduce stress and promote relaxation

$60.00  Massage for Minors 

           (under the age of 15 yrs old/50 minutes reserved)


$80.00  Massage for Minors

           (over the age of 15 yrs old/75 minutes reserved)


100.00  Pre-Natal Massage Therapy

             (75 minutes of therapy/90 minutes reserved)


$140.00  Pre/Post-Sports Therapy

            (80 minutes of therapy/110 minutes reserved)

Medical Massage


The following services are performed by a licensed and certified Medical Massage Practitioner. 

Medical Massage is focused therapy providing corrective and restorative benefits to soft tissue.


$80.00   TMJ/TMD/Migraine Therapy

             (45 minutes of therapy/60 minute reserved)


$140.00  Medical Massage Therapy

             (80 minutes of therapy/110 minutes reserved)


$140.00  Manual Lymphatic Drainage

             (80 minutes of therapy/110 minutes reserved)


$120.00  CranioSacral Therapy 

             (60 minutes of therapy/90 minutes reserved)

3 sessions in the same month are highly recommended $360